On July 7th 2004, an open forum entitled
"Why Municipal Broadband Is Good For The Tri-Cities"
took place at Batavia City Hall

The following panel discussed the the concept of a municipal fiber to the home utility and some of the financial structures, benefits and long term goals. The discussion also went over some of the common isses, misconceptions, and some of the outright lies told by the incumbents to their customers regarding municipal broadband.

By using the links below, you can watch the forum in its entirety (2 hours, 20 minutes, 65 mb) or
or you can view piece by piece, speaker by speaker, and question by question.

While we can certainly understand that 2 1/2 hours is a long time to watch, we feel the discussion was so worthwhile that ALL people involved in this field should view the ENTIRE forum video, even if you have to do it one section at a time.

Just for clarification, all segments are listed in the order they occurred and nothing has been edited out of the original tape.

Full Forum - 2 hours, 20 minutes, 66 mb

Panelist Intro (2.8 mb)

Panel Jim Baller (10 mb)

Panelist Dave Larson (8.2 mb)

Panelist Walter Czerniak (3.8mb)

Panelist James Carlini (5.5 mb)

Panelist Ed Hodges (6.4 mb)

Panelist Dennis Kintop (6.6mb)

Panelist Rick Kaufmann (10.1 mb)

Panelist Alex Chew ( 3.6 mb)

Panelist Don Petravick (5.4 mb)

Panelist Greg Snider (6.7 mb)

Panelist Doris Kelley (10.9 mb)

Panelist Brian Mehta ( 5.6 mb)

Panelist Jack Tenison (5.5 mb)

Panelist Dan Shanahan (3.2 mb)

Panelist Gary White (2.6 mb)

Panelist Wrap Up (686 kb)

Question and Answer Intro (1.5 mb)

Q1. What is the financial structure of the private investment/backing model? ( 6.1 mb)

Q2. If the Tri-Cities are all fiber optic, do they face a "bottleneck" as soon as traffic leaves the Tri-Cities? ( 3.2 mb)

Q3. Why continue down the municipal broadband path if Comcast & SBC have "upgraded" their infrastructure? (2.1mb)

Q4. What guarantees do property owners have that all necessary steps will be taken to restore their properties to preconstruction conditions? (4.1mb)

Q5. With private sector funding, what will be voted on in November 2004? (4.5mb)

Q6. What kind of economic growth could the Tri-Cities expect? (5mb)

Q7. How many concerned citizens are in the audience? How many cable/telco employees are there? (4mb)

Q8. What is the appropriateness of governments competing with the private sector?(14.2mb)

Q9. Why isn't the investment being shopped through local banking institutions?(3mb)

Comments by George Isley, St. Charles resident(5.1mb)

Comments by G.P. Yeh, Geneva resident (4mb)

Closing Remarks (5mb)


The forum was moderated by:

Annie Collins - Chariwoman - Fiber For Our Future -- Ms. Collins has been an outspoken advocate of the concept of municipal broadband, specifically Fiber to the Home (FTTH) systems, in the TriCities and across the country. Ms. Collins, a longtime community activist, strongly believes that a municipally owned, fiber optic network will bring real economic development to a community. Ms. Collins is a Batavia resident.

Featured panelists included:

Jim Baller – Founder - The Baller Herbst Law Group - Washington D.C. telecommunications lawyer Jim Baller is widely recognized as one of the nation’s leading lawyers and experts on public broadband matters. Working regularly with multi-disciplinary teams of legal, financial, accounting, engineering and other technical experts, Baller also assists government entities in making comprehensive telecommunications plans, developing state-of-the-art telecommunications systems, searching for strategic partners, and integrating right-of-way and zoning ordinances, franchises, licenses, pole-attachment agreements, contracts, forms, permits and other related documents.

James Carlini - President of Carlini & Associates, adjunct professor at Northwestern University, and eprairie.com columnist

Alex Chew – Regional Manager – OFS – Chicago, IL

Walter Czerniak - Associate Vice President for Information Technology - Northern Illinois University - and Geneva resident

Ed Hodges - Chief Technical Officer, EMMtek Inc., St Charles, IL, and Batavia resident

Rick Kaufmann - Co-founder & Principal - Aggregate Networks, Lisle, Illinois

Dennis Kintop - President - M.I.C., Inc. Construction - Batavia, Illinois - and Geneva resident

David Larson – Director, Information Systems - The Sidwell Company, St. Charles, IL

Brian Mehta - Senior Account Director:Fiber To The User - Alcatel

Don Petravick - Don Petravick, Head of the Computation and Communications Fabric Department of Fermilab's
Computing Division - and Geneva resident

Dan Shanahan - Director of Batavia Access Television, Inc. (BATV) - and Batavia resident.

Greg Snider - Treasury Manager, Equity Group Investments, LLC. and St. Charles resident

Jack Tenison - Executive Director, DuPage County Technology Park, West Chicago, Illinois

Gary White - President, Illinois Chapter of the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors




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