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Internet connections fastest in S Korea (Read 276 times)
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Internet connections fastest in S Korea
Apr 1st, 2010 at 4:40am
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Why are internet connections fastest in S. Korea?  Why is the U.S. listed as 17th in speed in the world?  This article gives 5 possible reasons why the U.S. may be so far down on the list.  Readers of the TCBB message boards, past and present, already know the answer to why the U.S. is 17th.  Frankly, I am shocked the U.S. isn't much lower! There is no competition.  No TRUE competition.  Many markets are served by a monopoly.  If not, a duopoly exists with a cable co. and a telecommunications co. who do not truly "compete" and lower their prices to fight for customers.  It's like McDonald's and Burger King.  Better yet...the Airline industry.  Until someone like "Southwest" or "Jet Blue" can come into the market and drive prices lower than the duopolistic incumbents we will always be behind everyone else in the world.  Perhaps that "Southwest" is a muni who wants to provide services via FTTH? 

Our system isn't working now.  And our present incumbents don't want to build out to everyone to serve them.  It isn't profitable for them.  So why not let others serve their communities without huge battles and lawsuits?      
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